The Judeo-Christian / Reconciliation
Model of Peacemaking
biblical peacemaking
The Theological Basis for the Model
The first half of Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” is well-known both in and outside of religious circles.  On the other hand, the significance of the second half of the verse, “they shall be called the sons of God,” is routinely overlooked.  But it is the second half that is needed to fully understand what Jesus is saying.  What does it mean to be a son of God?  It means to have the characteristics of God, to do the work of God.  Or, as one scholar put it, it means, “like father, like son.”
The Key that Unlocks the Door
The entire teaching of Mat. 5:9 provides the key that unlocks the door to the Judeo-Christian Model of Peacemaking.  The key comes in the form of a question.  If we want to be like God in the area of peacemaking the question is, "how does God make peace with us?" This question is critical because the way that God makes peace with us is the way we should make peace with each other if we want to be like Him.  The Judeo-Christian Model of Peacemaking is designed toward such an end.  At every stage it reflects the concept . . .
“Like Father, Like Son”
Making Peace like God
An Unsurpassed Model
Reviewers agree (see links above under Book), the Judeo-Christian / Reconciliation model is the most powerful and effective peacemaking process on earth because it reflects the peacemaking pattern of God Himself.  It is a pattern that successfully transformed billions of people from enemies to His beloved.  We can do no better than to conform our peacemaking efforts among ouselves to this divine pattern, a pattern that has three core characteristics:
Love is the Foundation
Reconciliation is the Goal
Mediation is the Means

Summary of the Model Stage by Stage
A PDF file is provided that summarizes each stage of the model and parallels it to the process God used to make peace with us.   Click here